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Site Updates

20 May 2019
--updated blog page

24 May 2015
-add pages (queen cells, Beeswax&moulds,datalogger,
competitions,site updates, selling)
-shortened this list
-updated blog page
06 February 2015
-updated postage
23 August 2014
-added site visit info on this page
-added chem of honey page
15 February 2014
-aupdated blog with summary of 2013
11 February 2014
-added bougie box and updated price for tapers
18 January 2014
-adde more webcam pic and MBKA presentation
-removed RaspPi hosting and updated index page
14 December 2013
-tapers updated to include tapersticks
-email links updated with auto subject
24 November 2013
-pollen load page added
-blog updated
26 October 2013
-3 off pages covering 3d printing and beekeeping added
16 October 2013
-added page on beehives
-retired rasppi server
04 October 2013
-update wording on tapers
-increased price on tapers
01 September 2013
-added wax-jack page
-updated buying page
-updated template
13 August 2013
-honey page added
-added knitted bees to banner

-blog updated
31 July 2013
-updated blog
29 June 2013
-added webcam direct link
16 June 2013
-blog updated
-new page 'swarm' added
11 May 2013
-blog updated
-PayPal added to allow ordering direct from my website
27 April 2013
-details of making polish added polish page
-details melting wax added to beeswax page
20 April 2013
-bog updated
10 April 2013
-bees page updated with Acarine and Nosema
-blog updated
-links updated
03 April 2013
-buy page updated, now has all products
-added photos to beeswax/candles and polish page
-more typos corrected
02 April 2013
-separate page added to buy my products
-beeswax page added
-candles/polish page updated
-home and gallery pages updated
01 April 2013
-blog update
-this page updated & reworded
-polish page updated
-link page updated

30 March 2013
-more links added
-sitemap completed
-various minor layout tweaks
-photos added to gallery page

29 March 2013
-all pages updated by using a different website editor (MS Expression WEB)
27 March 2013
-blog updated
-pollen/micro page updated
-bee page started
-menu updated with separate pages for bees and pollen
-various links added
-hives now numbered
26 March 2013
-polish page updated with photo
-typos corrected
25 March 2013
-all pages now centered
-minor additions/spelling
-polish page added to hive products
-Raspberry Pi logo added
-pictures reduced in resolution allowing faster loading
-added sub menus
24 March 2013
-major updates across all pages
-candle page added to hive products
-pics added to microscopy/web cam
-blog update