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Beehive Products

Various products are 'produced' by a honey bee colony, the two key products are beeswax and honey. You can buy the products direct from me, follow this link for details.


Wax has a number of uses including beeswax candles.

Beeswax candles can be made in a variety of methods. I have taken wax sheets embossed with a honeycomb pattern that is typical used in the beehive frames, and simply rolled the wax sheet up with a central wick. These candles are quick and easy to make.

Another way that produces a better quality candle, is by melting beeswax and pouring into a suitable mould containing a candle wick. The candle is removed from the mould after cooling and the resulting candle takes on the shape of the mould.

The wax sheets are available in a number of dyed colours in addition to the natural beeswax colour. There are a huge variety of moulds available to meet all tastes in candles. Details of supplies can be found on the Links page

I have made a number of rolled and solid cast beeswax candles, there seems to be a small market for good quality candles. Look here for further information on the candles I have made.

I have also recently been asked if I can make beeswax polish. So, having ordered the appropriate supplies I will begin to experiment over the next few weeks. Have a look on this page for further details.


Well this year I am expecting a bumper crop of honey. ......

The bees store the honey in the frames, and this is simply removed by using a centrifuge and filtered. After allowing a short period for any air bubbles to rise to the surface, the honey is then poured into jars labelled and sold.