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3d printed candle moulds

Beeswax candles can be made by pouring the molten wax into a mould, these moulds are normally purchased. But what happens if you want to make unique highly detailed candles?

Well, here's where the 3d printer comes in. Having a look around on the internet, I found this website, the website has thousands of printable objects that can be printed out. A couple of objects caught my eye as suitable to be made into candles.

The objects are printed out on the printer, these are shown to the right, further details of the Mr & Mrs Owls are given on the thingiverse website. mr and mrs owls

The next step is to make a mould from the printed objects. This is done by using plasticine to support the object and then pour on a prepared fast setting silicone mould making rubber on to the objects. Once set, the mould is removed and cleaned.
owls in half mould moulds 
The silicone mould is prepared with a suitable wick and then filled with molten beeswax and left to set. Removing the silicone mould, reveals the beeswax candle. The fine detail of the printed object is transferred to the beeswax, resulting in a highly detailed candle. 
I have also made these as plain beeswax objects without the wick. Both will be available to buy direct from me in a few days time. In the mean time, please email if you are interested in purchasing them.
mr and mrs owls candles in beeswax 
 Other objects can also be made by the same process, I had some silicone left over and decided to create a mould from a 'dairy my chocolate bar', the resulting beeswax bar is shown in the picture.   beeswax moulded chocolate bar

If you want a bespoke candle made, why not contact me?