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3D printed parts for beekeeping

I am attempting to take a small colony of bees through the winter in an Apidea (normally just used as a queen mating hive during the summer). I've come across a couple of problems, one is ventilation, the second is missing parts form the apidea.

Firstly I need to describe the apidea, it contains a bottom box contains 5 small frames (around 10 cm square), with built in entrance, ventilation (rather small), and removable floor. The  box above simply contains 5 more frames. Stacked on top of these two, is another box (super) with lid, but this time, containing over 1 kg of fondant (food). Each box is made from polystyrene and is around 1 cm thick.

I have added an extra 2.5 cm of polystyrene insulation.

The picture shows the polystyrene bottom box containing 3 frames with lid.

Having purchased the super for the apidea, I realised that the queen excluder (qx) was missing. This is a small piece of plastic that restricts the queens access to the fondant (she is fed by the workers, and should be kept on the frames).

So, a few minutes measuring and drawing on the computer, turning on the printing, and patiently waiting for my replacement qx to be printed, the qx is shown in the picture.
queen excluder for apidea qx fitted in apidea

The remaining issue of condensation has been dealt with by designing a replacement floor incorporating a metal mesh. The floor once printed slides into replace the original floor. The new floor not only adds ventilation but also lift the whole apidea around 1 cm off the piece of wood it's sitting on. 3d printed floor for apidea