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I have a growing collection of images including, pollen images taken using my microscope, and a collection of honey bee images and videos. Here are a selection.

nuc hive on arrival   beehives in garden   single hive   close up of entrance   veiw through crown board showing cluster of bees
Various pictures of my Apiary.

beeswax mould house    beeswax house 2nd pic
Beeswax is amazing stuff, here are a couple of photos using a mould from Lakeland normally used to make Gingerbread Houses.

honeycomb with eggs     bee pupa in honeycomb cells    bee pupa in honeycomb close up    bee pupa around at 15 days
Taken from my beehive, eggs in cells less than three days old, and the remaining three photos, pupa around 15 days old.

Snow drop flower primrose flower jasmine flower heath flower hazel catkins flower amaryllis flower
snowdrop pollen primrose pollen jasmine pollen Heath pollen hazel catkins pollen amaryllis pollen
Snowdrop (μ5μm) Primrose (20μm) Jasmine (40μm) Heath (35μm) Hazel (30μm) Amaryllis (150μm)

aubrieta flower crocus flower 
aubrieta pollen crocus pollen
Aubrueta (20μm)  Crocus (110um)
Above are a number of samples of pollen that I have collected, also shown are the corresponding flower picture, the pollen has been stained and is shown at a magnification of x400. I have indicated the approximate size for comparison. The photos are taken with a cheap camera attached with bluetack to the microscope eyepiece.