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Wax-Jack/Bougie Box Tapers

What are Wax-Jack's and Bougie Box's?

Wax- Jacks are a stand to hold a coiled wax taper with its end positioned ready for lighting, it was used to melt 'sealing wax' to seal letters.
The stand contained a central spindle on which a long length of wax taper was wrapped around, the end was  positioned in a clamp allowing it to burn in an upright position.
Originally the tapers were made of beeswax and would be around 1/4 inch in diameter.
Originally they were made of silver, pewter, silver plate, or brass. They were the modern desk accessories in use during the mid-18th century, prior to adhesive envelopes.
Beeswax is the perfect wax for wax-jack's. When warmed gently (in hand hot water), it can be wound around the central spindle with ease.
Bougie Box's are similar to a wax-jacks, but this time the wax coil is enclosed within a cylindrical container or 'box'. These containers are made of silver or silver gilt and are used in a simliar way to wax-jacks for melting sealing wax. bougie box 

Further details on both wax-jacks and bougie boxes can be found here.

So, having received a request from a wax-jack owner on whether I could make any, I set to work designing a bespoke beeswax melter.
I have recently modified my manufacturing process for these tapers, they are now far more consistent in diameter along the entire 1.4m length. The standard diameter is now 6-7mm, although the diameter can be varied, the ones shown on in the pictures to the right are around 8 mm.
As these are handmade, there may be a small variation in diameter and the odd small lump (small drip produced when made) due to the way they are made.
I have used a natural cotton wick instead of a modern beeswax wick, in an attempt to maintain some authenticity.
The four pictures below are of the 6-7 mm diameter, they hopefully show the typical roundness to be expected.
my wax jack taper-1
beeswax taper 01 beeswax taper 02
beeswax taper 03 beeswax taper 04

The photo on the right shows a friends wax-jack with one of my tapers.
I have taken a number of orders for these tapers so far, including a large number of custom made colured tapers and I am happy to vary the diameter to meet your requirements, if you are interested in buying these wax tapers, then please click here to buy directly, or get in touch to specify a different diameter or discuss a batch order in another colour.
waxjack with taper 

Recently, I have been asked to produce tapers for a taperstick, as a simple description, these are small candle stick holders, where the 'candle' or taper is around 6mm in diameter and approx 10cm in height. More details to follow. Again, if you are interested, be one of the first to recieve a taper for them. Email me and let me know your interest and I will let you know when they will be available.