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I have included below a number of recommended links, I have found each of them useful in either gaining knowledge or buying equipment. All open in a new window.

Purchasing Equipment

National Bee Supplies
I have brought my WBC hives and majority of my equipment from this helpful company.

Thornes Beekeeping Supplies
Thornes supply a huge selection beekeeping equipment, including candle making equipment and other beeswax products. I have also used them to supply some of the honey extraction equipment.

Paynes Bee Farm
I have recently added this supplier, a range of equipment is available, but for me, a supplier of my polystyrene hive and nuc hive.

Highfield Bees
I used this website to purchase the more specilised microscopy equpiment, amongst other things, the hard to find 'Acaring Needle', the 'Embedding Tool' and the 'Acarine Cork'. Find out more on what the items are used for on my Bee page.


Information Sources

Beekeeping Forum
An excellent forum for advice, although as usual multiple opinions exist on every subject of beekeeping

British Beekeeping Association
Well, I expect you can guess what this site is all about, this website contains information on a variety of subjects, and also has a beekeeping forum. In my opinion, if you are a beekeeper you should be a member.

Medway Beekeepers Association
My local beekeeping association, excellent for staying touch with local beekeepers.

'Microbees' website by Steve Mynard
This is an excellent site that gave me a few pointers in looking at pollen with a microscope. It also includes information on using Hazel (Corylus avellana) pollen as a size marker for other pollen. Details are also given on what to look for in buying a microscope.

KSRC is the Kent Science Resource Centre, near Sittingbourne – a wonderful facility where beekeepers from all over Kent will be able to improve their knowledge of beekeeping. There are a number of excellent courses run on a variety of beekeeping subjects. I have (or am planning to) attend the microscopy courses.

Dave Cushman's Website
This is one of the most extensive beekeeping websites, it covers all subjects. There are a huge number of pages contained on this website giving a variety of designs and opinions. Worth following the link and exploring.

Fera National Bee Unit website
This is a great source of information on bee health, it is also the site to register apiary's and beekeepers to allow notification of diseases.